Thursday, October 9, 2014

Art History Drawing Game

Last May I thought my last day of art classes would be on a Wednesday. We'd pretty much cleaned up the art room and I'd planned to take classes outside to draw. Field Day was supposed to be on Thursday. But THEN, the weather forecast was calling for storms on Field Day, so we flip-flopped the two days in the schedule and ended up with classes on the very last day of school. My plans for outside art changed and one of the activities we tried out was a description game. I'd been wanting to try it for a while. Students partnered off and one student chose a small image of a work of art cut from a reproductions catalogue. The partner with the image described it while the other partner tried to draw it. It was fun to see the results, but this game would probably go better sometime that is NOT the last day of school. The students who tried had fun, but some students were already mentally checked out. Some gave up and showed the image to their partner after just a few minutes. But, I think the game has potential so I wanted to share!

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