Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bingo Marker Art

I stopped at a Dollar Tree last week and on a whim, threw a bingo marker in my already too full basket, thinking it might work well for some Dot Day artwork with my kids. It was a big hit! My youngest (15 months old) had fun playing with it until almost 4 year old saw it and wanted a turn. 

"Look, mommy, it's prickly!" (It does make super cool splatters)
"I'm drawing flowers. Now I'll draw a stem."
"Should I make a road?"
I gave him another piece of paper since he had pretty much filled the first.
"I'll make a fence. I need boards to hold it up. Now I'll make boards that go up and down."
"Now I'll make more flowers."
"Should I make a truck? A big truck. I need lots of wheels for the heavy load."

This age is so fun! I love the narration as he works. The next time I can swing by a Dollar Tree, I'll be checking for bingo markers in other colors!

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