Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2nd Grade Contour Watercolors

My elementary kids love painting. (Duh). Liquid tempera is usually the favorite because they like the opacity but the second graders had a good run with watercolors after a mini lesson/refresher in the spring. We talked about contour drawing and reviewed watercolor techniques. Many were inspired to try portraits after I showed them THIS pin but there were a lot of other choices, too. The students either drew directly with sharpie or traced over pencil before adding color with watercolors.
These two students observed some of the artificial flowers in my still life box.
And as always, touches of mixed media were common.

One of my concerns when researching TAB was how to make sure students were getting some breadth when it comes to materials. I really didn't have anything to worry about. If there is one student who does the same thing over and over and avoids trying new things, I just encourage that student to try something different, or make it a requirement if I have to. If I notice that a group is collectively not using a particular medium, all I have to do is a mini lesson showing a cool "something new" and pretty soon everyone wants to try!

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