Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Friday

My schools were invited to participate in Topeka's First Friday Art Walk this month by showing at The Toy Store. I was really excited for the opportunity to showcase my students' artwork! I chose artwork from each grade and a collaborative piece. I wish I would have taken a tape measure to see how much space was available because I definitely underestimated how much art to drop off. I think I was nervous about sending too much and overcorrected. I sent a note home with students whose work was selected and I know that at least a few were able to go see their work. I hope that they were proud!

My 4th-6th graders haven't completed much 2D work yet since we started with clay and several went right into bulkier projects, but I managed to get some weavings and jewelry pieces mounted. I think it it so cool that an area business wants to feature kids' artwork during the Art Walk. I hope that they continue to do so! Thank you to The Toy Store!


  1. How cool! Your displya looks great!

  2. Hey that's awesome. And your display looks great!