Monday, September 2, 2013

What do YOU want to learn?

 I haven't posted in a long time due to normal back to school craziness and family stuff from which I will spare you the details. Anyway... this is how my intermediate kids started their school year. After letting them choose their seats and going over expectations, I explained that this year they would have more chances to design their own projects as we transition to "Choice" in the Art room. I asked each student to think of at least one thing they would like to learn or try or do or make this year in Art class and write it on a post-it. I had one color for each grade so I can look for trends of interests and use that to design my mini lessons and resources that I'm working on developing for my centers. The only rule was that the students were not allowed to write "nothing"!
 I wasn't surprised by some of the responses, like 3D art and clay. Unfortunately we can only get enough clay to do one project per student per year, but I've been collecting other materials for sculpture. Some of the specific ideas were interesting to read. I may utilize the color coded post-its for other surveys and responses this year.

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  1. Hello! I am SO grateful i found your blog! you are brilliant! I just got an awesome opportunity to teach art for an entire elementary school (k-6) and have an interview tomorrow, I did not go to school for specifically becoming an art teacher so I do not know the fine art requirements for those grades and the principals told me to research it. Do you have ANY resources or websites for me to find a basic general outline?

    Thank you! - Rachael