Saturday, September 28, 2013

#DotDay Murals

We had a lot of fun celebrating International Dot Day! After the 1st-3rd grade students finished their contributions to our collaborative mobile, they helped work on one of 3 murals: a play on our school logo, an imaginary solar system, and an underwater scene.
 We looked at a famous painting made of dots- Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and covered the first mural with pointilist dots. We did cheat and paint the background first given the age of the students.
I laminated the strips so it doesn't photograph well.
The other murals were a combination of paint, stamping, drawing, and collage.
Look at all those planets (dots!)
Helping to tape the pieces together was a popular job.
Painted background with cardboard tube stamped bubbles (more dots!) The little bitty mermaid was one of my favorite details. The underwater mural was the smallest and the only one made on just one big piece of paper. It was the last afternoon and the first two were finished so we started another that could be completed that day.
The students really enjoyed "connecting the dots" and working together on these murals. The teachers and visitors to our school have enjoyed seeing them in the hallway almost as much as the students do.


  1. I love the way the students made the bubbles in the water. So simple, but so perfect! It's such fun to see all the Dot Day project results from the different schools.

  2. How do you find these special days?

    1. Social media! I follow a lot of art people on twitter, Facebook, blogs (when I find time), and Pinterest. I usually don't find out about the new thing in time to do it that year but I keep it in mind for the next. :)