Friday, July 12, 2013

End of Year Mural

Boy, the end of the school year comes with a crazy schedule. My primary students rarely miss art class on Tuesdays, but the Friday and Monday classes miss out more often due to field trips, in-service days, assemblies, etc. One one Tuesday, my 3rd and 1st grade students painted collaborative murals. I have a large bulletin board in the hallway that I didn't want to leave empty for the remainder of the year once student artwork needed to be sent home. I also figured it might brighten up the place during the summer school session and at the beginning of the school year.
I measured the bulletin board so that I could cut 4 pieces of paper to hopefully fill the whole space. One piece of paper was taped down at each table for those students to work on. The 3rd grade students started with black tempera paint in the morning, filling the space with shapes and connecting the shapes with lines. When they were done laying out the design, the students were given a tray of paint. I had 2 sets of trays with different colors so we switched them halfway through to give more color choices.
During the first grade class, the students finished filling in shapes with colors and went over dry areas again to add more opacity and cover smudges. The last step was to paint over the black lines again. The students were pretty proud of their work and excited to see such a big painting in the hallway!


  1. I LOVE projects like this!! It is always fun to listen to what kids are saying about color and design decisions.

  2. great project! for me it'll be for the beginning of the next school year.Thanks!!!

  3. Beautiful! I love how the students were able to work together on this project. And it is for the whole school to enjoy. :) Thanks!