Friday, June 14, 2013

6th Choice- Sports

This is the 4th post about my 6th graders' choice art projects to end the year. You can read the first explanatory post here. This is the post all about sports! All it took was one student asking to make a cardboard version of her competitive softball team's logo and several other students in her class fed off of that idea.
 The first "sports" student spent time getting the plan drawn out, painted, and carefully cut out. Unfortunately, some of the projects never went beyond sloppy paintings. With more time, I would have encouraged the two students whose work is pictured below to paint the background and clean up the logos.
Beyond baseball and softball, I seem to have a lot of students in soccer leagues. This is different for me since I grew up in a small town and didn't really know anyone who played soccer outside of the occasional game in PE. I thought my two soccer drawing students did a nice job on their projects.

I was glad that this student added dimension to the words in his drawing and replaced the "o"s with soccer balls.
This student followed a tutorial I printed off last year for the Sports Spheres project to draw the correct shapes in her soccer ball. I like the perspective she used in her drawing.

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