Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6th Choice- 2D Work

This is the 3rd post about my 6th grade students' choice art projects at the end of the school year. You can read the first explanatory post here. The two dimensional artwork probably had the most obvious variety, though I can still see trends. I've noticed that a lot of my 6th graders are into fantasy! I also noticed that not many students chose painting, unless it was painting on cardboard. You'll see many examples of that in my next post with the "sports" artwork.
This student brought his sketchbook from home with a drawing of an eagle that he wanted to recreate. He didn't change the composition much from his sketch, but I did get him to push the value more. He wanted to work with charcoal so I dug up a charcoal pencil buried in the back of the drawing cabinet.

I feel like I've been bemoaning the lack of time a lot- I see my intermediate students for 40 minute classes, every other week! I just wish I had started this earlier so more students would have had time to make their projects as finished as they could be. The drawing on the left is an example of one that came a long way, but still could have used more work. I talked to her about value (the area most likely to need more work in my students' drawings) and while she did improve the inside of her cave, it's still hard to see the other details in her work.
Colored pencils were the most popular drawing medium. A couple students did elect to use crayon (dragon drawing) and marker (drippy LOVE heart).
This nonobjective painting was sort of collaborative. Two friends used the same color palette but chose different shapes for their compositions. The other student painted stars.

 This student was going to add more objects floating around his ART letters but missed a class period. He did some extra work at home and brought it back in for me to add to Artsonia.

I wish you could see the drawing better in this photo! This student is on sort of a junior version of the city's Roller Derby team and drew a caricature poster of herself. Very cool.
This student asked me about making a sword- it's actually cut out of cardboard and painted. I told him we have to be careful with "weapons" in school but when he explained that he wanted it to look like his Minecraft sword (sooooo popular with my students) I said it was ok. It's not like a bloody, violent looking thing. Crazy story! One day when this student and about 30 others were working in my room during recess (freak snow day in May), he went to dispense tempera paint and the pump in my gallon bottle had a little clog in it. I guess he tried to fix it by just pressing harder because the next thing I know, there was a fine mist of yellow EVERYWHERE! The student actually had to go to the nurse to rinse out his eyes and borrow a new shirt. I knew it didn't bug him too much because he was laughing but he was just covered. I found paint  splatters at least 10 feet away on cabinet doors. I need to make a point to soak those pumps from time to time!

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