Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Done List- 1st 2 Weeks of Summer Break

I like to make "Done Lists" when I feel I'm not getting much accomplished. My first 2 weeks of break have been very busy!

1. Helped with Jackson County Arts' Glory Days Art show.
2. Checked out some wheat fields. Wheat is not a super common crop in my county so I had never been in a wheat field before. I thought it was about time.
3. Watched my little guy "help" in my parents' garden. He loves dirt.

4. Harvest 12 peas. Not even 12 pea pods. 12 peas. I planted some vegetables in with my flowers this year just for fun. It has been so hot and windy with so little rain that even watering every day was not preventing my pea plants from drying up. The potato plants look really good. Something ate half my onion plants. I think I'll have some peppers and it looks like a few beans are going to make it. Something ate most of the leaves off the green bean plants and I didn't want to spray anything on them.

5. Attended the KAEA Board Retreat (day and a half long board meeting to plan for the coming year.) The retreat was in Wichita which is the location of our Fall Professional Development Conference. The theme will be Creating Vibrant Communities Through Art and Design. A large part of the conference will be held at City Arts which is a really cool place! I feel like we got a lot accomplished at the board meeting and came up with some cool ideas. 
Feigning boredom at the meeting to work on a photo assignment.
6. Turned board retreat into mini family vacation! We found out that there are a lot of fun things to do as a family in Wichita. My husband took our little guy to an awesome park and Exploration Place while I was in my meetings. Together, we went to Botanica, the Great Plains Nature Center, the Sedgwick County Zoo, and ate breakfast right off the runway of a private airport where we saw little planes take off and land.
Botanica had an amazing children's garden with lots of cool interactive features and a butterfly house. I knew that I would enjoy Botanica but my husband said he was surprised how much he enjoyed it.
7. Started my 3rd graduate course- Visual Culture and Studio Practice. The first assignment was photo self-portraits focusing on identity. We had to turn in 1 photo each in 3 categories- Head and Shoulders, Object (using an object to communicate something), and Environment. Here are some of my photos from the assignment.
 Head and Shoulders
8. Finished uploading student work to Artsonia for one school with about 100 pieces left to publish for my other. I will actually get it all done this year!

9. Lots of playing and cuddling and family time!


  1. Where are you getting your graduate degree? I need to start mine soon but I am having trouble finding the right program.

  2. The University of Nebraska Kearney has an online Master's in Art Education: http://www.unk.edu/academics/ecampus.aspx?id=40804

    I have had a really good experience so far. Check it out!

  3. What are the dates for the KAEA conference in Wichita. I didn't make it last year, too busy of a weekend. :( Missed not going.
    Maybe Wichita will be a better weekend.

    1. This year the conference is October 25-27. We should have registration info when school starts up. Www.kaea.com/fallconference.html

  4. I love visiting the Botanical Gardens down in Wichita! I could stay there for hours. :) Glad you are getting some quality family time in. I don't know how you do it all!