Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st-3rd Grade Fish

Here are some of the 1st-3rd grade results from the State Fish Art contest. When I started this lesson with my 4th-6th grade students, I thought they had to use a Channel Catfish since it is the (unofficial) state fish of Kansas. I found out I was just confused from it being my first year trying the program so the younger students had more choices. I chose fish I thought they would be familiar with in addition to catfish- Bluegill and Largemouth Bass. The primary students used a combination of colored pencils and  Crayola Color Sticks. This was awesome in comparison to last year where I spent most of my time sharpening colored pencils or unclogging pencil sharpeners. When color sticks were used most of the time, no sharpening was required! You'll also see below that some of the students created interesting textures in the water by rubbing color sticks on their side.

State-Fish Art logoYou can read more about this lesson here:  and more about the State Fish Art Contest here:


  1. Fantastic artwork from your students!!!Congratulations to teacher!!!Kisses from Greece.

  2. Great attention to detail from these young artists!
    Obviously well taught Mrs Morris : )