Sunday, January 8, 2012

When Inspiration Strikes

You never know when you're going to get what could be a great idea. I made gingerbread cookies before Christmas break and took one in my lunch box. I was getting ready to sit down to eat when I dropped the cookie inside the baggy and it cracked. I bent to pick it up and thought- Oh! Make Humpty Dumpty, cut him apart, and put him back together again! I wrote myself a little not and took a picture (before I ate the cookie) to remind myself.

This seems like a fun idea for Kindergarten. I bet most of them already know the rhyme and we could practice ellipses. I think it would be cool to see how many different ideas they can think of for how to put Humpty together again...

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  1. I love broken cookie inspiration!

    My friend and I were eating leftover sugar cookies in december. She'd dropped the tupperware container so they were weird broken bits. Her roommate asked what shape they were, as if they were intentional. Got me thinking about slicing up a cookie after using a cookie cutter but before baking to make a simple puzzle, which led to TANGRAM sugar cookies. I printed out a set, cut out the shapes, used the paper as a template, and traced into my sugar cookie dough. Gave a set to the 5th grade teacher (I was his secret santa) and to the curriculum and professional development coordinator. I knew she'd love the tangrams! I think I'll make more sets next year---I am that nerd.