Thursday, January 5, 2012

Done List

The new semester started for me with a work day on Tuesday. Instead of focusing on my growing "to-do" list, I decided to post my "done list" for that day.

1. Change the bulletin board at one of my schools. This bulletin board is REALLY long! I have to get used to it being so much bigger than my other bulletin board. I wanted to do something simple since I'll be changing it out again in a few weeks. This will do- especially since it ties in with Art projects from December. Shapes are Flat, Forms are 3D. A Circle is a Shape. A Sphere is a Form. I tore paper for the snowy ground (not that we've really had much of that here in Kansas.) The border is snowflakes that 2nd or 3rd grade printed before break. I can't remember which grade because it feels like a loooong time ago!
To make the snowflakes, I gave the students white tempera, cardboard tubes, old paintbrush handles, and cardboard pieces leftover from the Klee-Inspired Geometric Shape Fish project last September and talked briefly about radial symmetry before letting them play on this blue vinyl-y paper stuff that we inexplicably have reams and reams of at school.

 2. "Cleaned" one of my classrooms. There is still a lot that's not perfect in this photo but it is a lot better than it was! I finally had time to put away some of the supplies I ordered last semester that had been sitting in their shipping boxes along the cabinets. I also put away the paint we won't be using for a while and organized the paintbrushes.
 3. Cleaned off my kidney table and got reference photos sorted by species for the Jr. Duck Stamp program.
 4. Put together research and reference images for the State Fish Art Contest.
 5. Painted papers to test upcoming projects for my younger students.
 6. Went to the district office (twice) to hang artwork. We scheduled 1 month for each Art teacher and a couple stray months for faculty work. The displays are set up above file cabinets right in view of the administrative offices. The secretaries told me they really appreciate the color!


  1. I have been waiting for my part of Kansas to have snow too. I guess I will have to do snow projects with out snow on the ground.
    Love the simplicity of the board. If I had a board to decorate I'd do this! Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. Accidentally deleted this from Phyl:
    You've been a busy girl!!!

    We got a dusting of snow today, but not even enough for boots. But it's been COLD for 2 days - yesterday was single digits. Brrrr. I'd rather it was snowing.

  3. First I should say that I love your 2-D/3-D board. Very nice. I'm glad that you have a done list as long as you do. I have a way to go on mine:) I had to comment about your comment on my blog, you wrote:

    "I kind of forgot you were being published until I got my copy at school the other day. I was flipping through it talking to the librarian and I kind of yelled "Hey I know that person!" Well, sort of, I know your blog! Congratulations! :)"

    I have to say, I agree! I feel like I 'know' our fellow bloggers. It is fun to see their success:) Thanks for your comment and thanks for posting all your wonderful ideas!!!