Monday, January 2, 2012

What Would You Do...

...with this idea?
Idea: Printing heart shaped leaves and then __________.

Whenever I do a project with students using real leaves, (Yes, students, REAL leaves) the kids get so excited about redbud leaves since they are heart shaped. I wanted to do a quick, easy project with Kindergarten that involved printing the heart shaped leaves.

Because leaves are cool, printing is fun, and kids love hearts.

The pictures here are just little 5 minute experiments. I set up a different station at each table one day in October and sat at one of the tables to help students print their leaves. I gave them a quick demo then let them print their leaves and add lines and shapes with crayons. Oh, I waited too long and the redbud leaves were shot but then I noticed I could substitute morning glory leaves which are also heart shaped. The yellow paper is just because I happened to have extra yellow construction paper cut down. I think just using different colors would make this cooler. Maybe a Jim Dine meets Andy Goldsworthy idea? Or Andy Warhol for that matter...

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I thought I would try posing the question/problem to our little Art Teacher blogging community to see if anybody has a brilliant idea! I don't necessarily want this to be a "Fall" project, just something inspired by the shape... If you have a cool idea, please share! I want to collect lots and lots of ideas to add to the others I've come up with. I can try them out when the leaves are back and post the results.

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