Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating Art

Last year I read a post on someone's blog (if it was you, thank you!) about Celebrating Art.  Celebrating Art lets you submit photos of student artwork (or students can submit their own from home) to be considered for publication in a really nice hardback book.  I submitted work for each school on their website (you have to create an account to keep track of all your information) and ended up with several students getting work accepted.  I actually had quite a few but lots did not turn in the permission form, and since we didn't get them until a few days before school got out, I didn't get the chance to remind them.  There are two deadlines a year, one in November, and one in April.  If you get enough students published, you get a free copy of the book for your classroom.  I went through and found all of my students but I haven't even had a chance to check out all the other awesome artwork yet!  I did make sure to mark pages with my students' work so my principals could find the right pages when I left the book for them to check out.

I thought I would just try the contest once to see how it went and overall, I'm very pleased with my experience!  If you have any questions, the company is very quick to respond.  I had a question about permission and they answered the same day.  *I wanted to make sure that you don't have to get permission to submit and they confirmed.  Parents only need to give permission for work to be published in the book.

Below are some photos of pages that featured my students' work with the links to posts about the project.

Forgot to post about Kindergarten self-portraits...
...and forgot to photograph 2 more projects published in the book: one of my 3rd grade Architecture 2 Ways and 1st grade Circle Printing

 More 4th grade shape paintings and Aboriginal-Inspired animals


  1. Why not just go to Snapfish or Shutterfly and make an entire book of your students art? This seems more like a way for a company to get parents to buy the books because they think their child won something, rather than a true contest or celebration of art. I'm an art teacher, too and enjoy your blog. Sorry to come down on any creative business, but I have seen this sort of thing before...

  2. There was a lot of similar artwork accepted from projects their judges apparently liked but it's not like every piece I submitted got accepted. I stressed to parents that they did not have to order a book to have the art published. They also select top 10 artists for each age grouP I just forgot to mention it. It was just something fun to try. The response has been very positive and the kids think it's cool to see artwork by other kids their age from different places. Of course it is a company so they want to make money but don't pressure people to buy. I guess it's not for everyone but it's fun! Love shutterfly and artsonia but I won't spend the money on a book for school because it would be out of my pocket. I just figured I already had the photos, might as well take a couPle extra minutes and try it out.

  3. I like this idea a lot. Even if people don't buy the book it would be fun to say that your artwork got published in a book. I may look into this.

  4. I think it's great too and love your response Katie. We are always wanting to showcase our students and having them be recognized by others is absolutely a thrill.