Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Cats in the Hat

Another lesson that I'm "behind" in posting, Kindergarten students learned how to draw the Cat in the Hat and used their imaginations to make these drawings in honor of Dr.Seuss's birthday.  First, we did a "follow the leader" drawing for the Cat in the Hat (from hat to bow).  I approached it like a game so before we started I asked the students if they would quit playing basketball if they missed a shot.  They said no so I told them if they made a mistake when drawing, they should just try to fix it then keep going.  After the drawings were laid out, I used my stuffed Cat in the Hat to help the students see where the colors go if they wanted to make their drawings look realistic.  I told the students they did not have to use the real colors.  We talked about how Dr.Seuss was not just an author but also an artist who had a great imagination.  With the remaining class time, I asked the students to use their imaginations to add to their drawings.  Some added other Dr.Seuss books or characters, some just made cool designs.  

Here is a sample of some of the projects:

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