Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break

Thought I would post a rundown of my spring break... 

Saturday I took my barn photo to the fair building for the Spring Expo.  I am the secretary for Jackson County Arts and we made "barn art" to promote the barn tour that we are helping with this fall.

 Walked to my parents' house on Sunday and took photos of textures along the way since Turner had fallen asleep in the stroller.  Was not dressed appropriately for the 80+ degree weather!  Went home and changed us both into shorts.

On Monday we went for more walks and found crocuses blooming in the back yard.  Yeah Spring!

On Tuesday the weather was still in the 80's but windy.  My husband dropped off Turner and I at the park where we met my MIL, niece and nephew, and some cousins.

First trip might have gone better with nicer weather!

 On Wednesday we had planned to take Turner on a little trip to Topeka.  It had cooled down a little and was pretty windy but we went anyway.  Went to the zoo, took a few photos, fed the waterfowl at a cemetery, took some more photos!

Check out those geese feet!

On Thursday I found some more signs of spring in my yard!  

Also, I found out that 7 of my students received honorable mentions in the Kansas Jr. Duck Stamp Art contest.  I don't remember what day that was on.  More on that later. :)

And in between spending time with my family, I uploaded and published HUNDREDS of photos to my schools' Artsonia galleries.  I am finally caught up on all the artwork from my maternity leave.  I had my sub save almost all the student work while I was gone so I could still publish it for the students.  Because I'm a crazy lady.  You can check out my K-3 gallery here and my 4-6 gallery here.

Last night we invited my mom over for dinner.  I made shrimp alfredo and we watched some basketball. I usually don't care much for watching sports on TV but if I fill out a bracket, I can handle a few games during March.  I choose my teams based on the names or mascots I like the best.  That's why I don't have any teams left!  I am a sucker for Gonzaga...

Tomorrow we'll go to church, eat lunch with some extended family traveling through, attempt Turner's 4 month pictures, and try to get ready for "normal" life to resume.  I have really enjoyed my time home (and am looking forward to summer) but I also feel energized and excited to take on the rest of the school year.  There's a reason we have spring break.

Now that I'm caught up with editing and organizing photos, I'm going to attempt a giant post of projects I planned for maternity leave and then record the projects completed since I returned to school.


  1. You wanted nicer weather?!! Here it is sunny, but in the 20's today, and we still have huge piles of snow that haven't melted yet. I'd be happy with temps in the 40's or 50's. The 80's sound lifetimes away...

    Now as for your Gonzaga, yes, the name is catchy, but we were rooting for the other team, as the Brigham Young star Jimmer Fredette is a hometown hero here, and graduated high school w/my son. BYU made it one more round, to the 16, but then lost in overtime :-( ending Jimmer's college basketball career.

  2. Oh I know the weather could be a lot worse, we just got a little spoiled for a few days before it went back to normal March weather! The only sport I care very much about is baseball. If I don't have a personal connection I have to find some way to make it interesting! :)