Thursday, December 9, 2010

6th Grade Intention Cookies

I got the idea for this project from  This site is great, she offers online clay classes and has a lot of information/photos for inspiration.  Last year I saw that she was offering a class on "intention cookies"- like a fortune cookie only you write an intention or goal to put inside.  I wasn't able to take the class at the time but I love the idea!  You should check out her page if you have a minute.  I am definitely hoping to take some of her classes in the future.

I gave my students 2 class periods to complete the project- one for working with wet clay, one to paint and write their intention.  I ordered air dry clay since we don't have access to a kiln and I think this would actually work better with regular clay since it is more moist.  We had a lot of problems with cracking (and overcorrecting by adding too much water and making the clay slimy.)  I tried to imitate the same process of making a real fortune cookie, if I do this again, I want to find a video to show the students.  Also, I like random trivia: the fortune cookie was actually invented in LA, not China.  Anyway...

Class 1
Step 1: Make a round slab like a pancake
Step 2: Gently bend the slab into a "taco"
Step 3: Form the "taco" into a fortune cookie shape (make sure that the edges do not totally seal or you won't be able to slide your paper inside!)
Step 4: Add texture/designs to the surface

Class 2
Step 5: Paint intention cookie
Step 6: Write intention on slip of paper and slide inside intention cookie

This project might have been a little too advanced for my 6th graders, but I guess I got the challenge I wanted!  Some seemed to get it right away, others struggled just to get the first step.  Honestly, most look more like tacos than fortune cookies but they enjoyed the project and got to work on some basic skills.  I tried peer tutoring with the students who "got it" and they were proud to help the other students.


  1. I really like the concept of having kids write their goals inside. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is a great idea, I think I will do it in the New Year with my 6-8th students so they can write a goal, or intention for their new year!