Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please vote for my student- Artsonia Artist of the Week!

I just got an email this morning that one of my 2nd grade students is a finalist in Artsonia's Artist of the Week contest.  Please take a minute and vote for Talon78!
You can vote once a day, today through Saturday.  If you are unfamiliar with the weekly contest, 12 artists from each grade level are selected and the artwork/artist with the most votes wins!  The winning student gets a nice placque and a $50 gift certificate to Dick Blick.  PLUS, the school's art program gets a $100 gift certificate to Dick Blick!  How awesome is that!
Thank you for your help!  (And if you are an Artsonia user and one of your students is ever a finalist, I would love to return the favor!)


  1. I'm going there to vote right now. I'm so thankful for your crayon post...I really did almost forget that I wanted to do that this year. We used them to make leaf print rubbings. I posted the result on my blog. They came out better than expected. Thanks so much for your post.

  2. Thanks for voting! That's exactly what I did with the rainbow crayons! Last year we just used regular crayons for Kindergarten leaf rubbings and I ended up peeling paper off of crayons for most of the class. The rainbow crayons look really cool. We'll be painting over to make a wax resist next week. I especially like that project because even if a student misses the painting day, the artwork still looks finished!

  3. i did!!! So cool. I need to use that crayon idea for rubbings my kindergarteners are having a hard time not rolling the crayon!