Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Classroom

These are just some pictures of the new Art classroom I moved into at my 4-6 grade school.  I took them at the beginning of the school year so I now have more posters and artwork on the walls (and probably a few more messes.)
This is Big Foot.  He lives in the Art room. :)
Outside the door
"4S" lines are the procedure for every grade in the school
I have a lot more words up now
This is all I have for table labels now.  Last year I had big plastic crayons hanging from the ceiling, I need to decide on an idea for something to hang this year.
Art Expectations
I made these flowers last year out of rulers and foam sheets
I'm trying this out this year at both schools- I have magnetic letters to spell out ART.  If the students do a great job during class, all three letters stay on the board.  If I have to give several reminders about volume, etc. I take down a letter as a visual reminder of class behavior.  If all three letters come down, there's no more Art on the board and no more Art for the rest of the class.  Hopefully I never have to take down all three!
In progress bulletin board by my desk.  I have a loom woven piece on the right and I really like my "If you make a mistake, make it great!" poster.
Wow, the classroom looks really bare here!
Check out the storage!  The big cabinets on the left are full but I still have lots of empty cabinets!
I left these shelves open for storage of 3D projects.
Check out the gigantic closet!
Inside view of the closet
The last art teacher apparently liked glue!


  1. I just LOVE Bigfoot!! He's adorable!

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  3. Very nice! My room looked bare at first too. You know it will looked lived in as soon as the kids get going on some projects.

    Have a great year!

  4. What company did your school go through to make that amazing wall of storage cabinets?

  5. I'm sorry I don't know! I'm at a new school now.