Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

I'm on spring break this week so I got to wear my green shirt and lime green, intended-for-Halloween, socks with spiders on them (even though I have a totally irrational fear of spiders) in the comfort of my own home.  Last Tuesday was my last day with my K-3 students before Spring Break.  A lot of them were already geared up for St.Patrick's Day so I came up with a really simple lesson for the students, basically free draw but in a green monochromatic color scheme.  We talked briefly about St.Patrick's Day and discussed that green is a symbol of the holiday.  Two of the classes were given green, white, and black gouache paint (ahead of schedule) and students in the other classes used green, black, and white crayons to make a drawing when they finished the regular assignment early.  

We were told at a staff meeting that students need at least 6-15 exposures to a new vocabulary word before the word becomes part of their vocabulary.  I had "monochromatic" written on the chalkboard with "one" written under mono and "color" written under chrome.  I'm a big fan of etymology, I think it's really interesting and has definitely helped me to expand my vocabulary and have a better understanding of new words.  I broke the word apart and had the students repeat it (even my Kindergarten students could do it!) and randomly stopped the students while they were working to ask "what was that big word again?" or "what does monochromatic mean?"  I also threw in tints and shades but I didn't spend quite as much time on those words as "monochromatic."

I told the students that they could make a picture of whatever they wanted (as long as it was school appropriate, of course) as long as they stuck to the color scheme we discussed!

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