Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 More Kindergarten Projects

I'm getting a lot done today on our first official snow day of the school year! School was in session yesterday but I called in afraid to make my 4o mile trek to school with worse weather in my area.

Here are 2 more Kindergarten projects I've been meaning to add:

Kandinsky-Inspired Concentric Circles
Kindergarten students learned about artist Wassily Kandinsky and used the DBAE approach- Describe, Analyze, Interpret, and Judge, to discuss his painting Farbstudie Quadrate from 1913. I love the painting and have a poster of it in my classroom. We talked about the shapes and counted the circles and squares, talked about the colors, discusse
d "abstract", learned the word "concentric", shared opinions and ideas, and talked about aesthetics. Here is a picture of Kandinsky's painting:
Wassily Kandinsky - Farbstudie Quadrate - Art Prints and Posters
Several students thought the circles look like eyeballs and of course being in Kansas, a few said they thought it was pictures of tornadoes. I showed the students how to fold their 9x12 inch papers in half horizontally or hotdog style (thank you Dinah Zike) and then how to fold the paper into thirds. After the paper was folded I showed the students how to start
with a circle in the middle of each section then make different colored rings around it using markers and some crayon on top of the markers. The picture above was not quite finished but it's the best image I have of the project right now!

Cars and Roads
I got the idea for this project from one of my Kindergarten students who constantly wants to draw "car roads". At first I thought he was saying Cairo but then he made a drawing to show me, an intricate grid of "car roads" or highways. I played with the idea and came up with this: First students draw their roads, an interesting line that fills the page. Some drew curvy roa
ds, some straight lines, whatever they wanted. After drawing the road, they were to fill in the rest of the space with things you would see next to a road or highway. Next, I showed the students how to draw a VERY basic car and truck using simple shapes. Each student picked a construction paper square, drew their vehicle, and cut it out. I thought it would be good practice to try to cut out the shapes that they drew and while it was very difficult for some, some students surprised me with their fine motor skills! After the vehicles were cut out, they were glued to the roads.

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