Monday, October 26, 2009

5th Grade Landscapes

These are a selection of the 5th grade students' landscape paintings. They were given primary and neutral colors in tempera paint and mixed all of the variations for their paintings.


  1. hi! i'm an art teacher from portsmouth, virginia. i teach k-6. i love these landscapes... i have a few questions...
    how many class periods did you spend on them?
    how did you get them to actually mix colors as opposed to using only ready-made colors?
    what strategies worked for managing the paint?
    i love your blog and added it to my subscription list. thanks for looking at my questions!

  2. We spent 3 40-minute class periods on these paintings. About half of the first class was introducing the assignment and concepts and demonstration. Discussed primary and secondary colors, foreground, middleground, and background to create space, and I showed very basic perspective. The rest of the first class was laying it out in pencil. Then there were two classes for painting. I used the little plastic palettes and squirted out red, blue, yellow, black, and white so that their only option was to mix colors! I found that I had to refill the blue and the yellow fairly often and remind students over and over to mix their colors in the middle instead of on top of one of the primary colors. At the school with the 4th-6th grade students, I never have two classes back to back so I spent quite a bit of time cleaning the palettes after they left so that they could work longer. I'm glad you like the blog!

  3. i really like the concept of having them mix their own colors. my classes are back to back. for my situation i'd use disposable plastic cups (i have a ton of little salad dressing cups from a parent) and replenish/store them daily. i'd give them squares of wax paper for mixing. i love the idea of letting them work until the last minute!
    i have a blog, which i am working on revitalizing. i will make sure to give you a link soon!

  4. Sounds good, I'd love to see it! At my other school the classes are back to back all day except for a 10 minute break in the morning and a 30 minute lunch. The wax paper is a good idea.

  5. I'm doing fifth grade landscape paintings tomorrow. It's always so nice to see how other teachers' kids work it out. jan