Thursday, June 24, 2021

Post It Mural- 3 Stooges

 This year our League Art exhibition and competitions were held virtually. One of the options for the competition was a post-it note mural. I have a couple students who are pretty interested in pixel art so I put them in charge of coming up with a plan. It was supposed to be something "iconic" so they chose the 3 Stooges, then had to translate it to colors that we had available. I ended up having to borrow some post-its and cut some similar colored paper into squares when we started to run out but I think it turned out great! The biggest challenge was staying lined up with multiple people working at the same time. It did not work out to start at opposite sides even though we thought we measured carefully, so there was lots of revision. All in all, they were proud of their artwork and that's what counts!

Here's a time lapse video of the construction!

Group photo of some of the artists!

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