Thursday, June 11, 2020

Art with Found Objects

During Continuous Learning I wanted to make sure that all of the students had options on my choice boards that would work for them, even if they didn't have art supplies at home. I came up with several options that could be done using found objects and they were so much fun. I will definitely use some of these "no art supply" prompts if we have to teach online again in the future.

Color Wheel Challenge
This is a challenge that blew up when we started online! Students collect a variety of objects (it's a good idea to give a suggested minimum number ob objects like 15) in the primary and secondary colors and "artfully arrange" them into a color wheel. Search #colorwheelchallenge to find a ton of good examples online!
My example made with the help of my 6 year old who said it was "SO MUCH FUN!"

Found Object Text
Students could creatively arrange objects to form letters spelling out their name, initials, or a meaningful word. The most successful works used a theme or objects that represented the student.

Found Object Faces
I had several students make faces but somehow the pictures didn't all make it to the blog post. Oh well! I showed them Hanoch Piven's work for inspiration and the students could use whatever objects they chose.

Laundry Art
I saw laundry art inspired by artist Demont Pinder shared in the OnlineArt Teachers K-12 facebook group and there are so many possibilities! Pinder makes portraits but you could do landscapes, art history recreations, or anything! I made a version of the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait using a blanket, laundry, a pair of shoes, and a couple of necklaces. This falls into the category of art that actually works better from home! No student takers, but I will reintroduce this in the future.

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