Friday, March 13, 2020

Gouache Flowers

Gouache lilacs painted for my mom's birthday
A few months ago I got the urge to paint with gouache. I hadn't used the paint since my 2D design class at ESU in 2005 but I remembered enjoying how quickly it dried along with the ability to use it opaquely or in translucent layers.
I decided to use part of a Blick gift coupon to invest in a nice set of true gouache (instead of acrylic gouache) and I’ve been very happy with the Utrecht designer gouache I bought. The colors that come in the set are not your typical primary and secondary colors so you've got to understand how to mix them to get the colors you want.
The biggest benefit for me is that I can pull them out when I have a little bit of time to paint in between chasing my kids and get something done without making a huge mess!

I got on a floral kick after painting the lilacs for my mom’s birthday. I am now accepting commissions for 5x7 gouache flowers for $25. Email if you would like to order an original painting or are interested in one pictured here!

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