Monday, September 2, 2019

PreK Process Art

I think that the art process is more important than the product especially in early childhood. I usually see my PreK students for 40 minutes once a week and since 40 minutes can be a long time for 3-5 year olds, I've started reading a lot more books to them. I wanted the book to connect to what we'd be doing while still having open ended lessons. Here is an example of how we worked on some process art over 3 weeks last spring.
Day 1: We read Mouse Paint and after talking about what happens when you mix colors, each student was given the primary colors and a 12x18 inch piece of construction paper. The students explored mixing colors and painted whatever they liked.
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Day 2: We read the book Mouse Shapes and talked about how you can put simple shapes together to make a picture. I spread out pieces of paper on the tables (my room is set up for middle and high school students and has tall stools so it's not easy for little ones to get their own supplies) and the students cut and glued papers on top of their paintings.
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Day 3: The students wanted to keep working on their artwork. Someone asked about adding crayons and since there was no reason not to, I added some crayon tubs in the mix. The students worked on their projects until they were satisfied.
Every art work was different, the students all practiced skills and learned how art supplies work, but the end result was up to the student.
I'm working on growing my collection of books that tie in to PreK art concepts. What are your favorite books for PreK?

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