Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Favorite Supplies for Elementary

There was a post in one of the art teacher Facebook groups a couple of weeks ago asking for everyone’s favorite supplies for teaching elementary. I decided to share my 5 favorites here! If I’m lucky my children will even allow me to share some favorites for high school later on.

In no particular order...

  • Construction paper crayons- less messy than oil pastels but can produce similar effects on dark paper. 
  • Pacon tru-ray construction paper- better colors and doesn’t fade like the cheap stuff. I like to order black by itself since it works well for mounting and construction paper crayons, then order the warm, cool, and bright packs to get a nice range of colors. 
  • Tempera cakes- dry with a different texture than liquid tempera but much faster to pass out. 
  • Crayola color sticks- last longer than colored pencils and don’t need to be sharpened. 
  • Kwik stix- awesome if you have room in your budget, especially for younger students. Tempera paint in a glue stick kind of form that dry in 60-90 seconds. Students can share the packs so you don’t have to buy as many as you might think. 

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