Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Maped Review

I was sent some Maped Color'Peps Oil Pastels and Maped Colored Pencils to test and review. They also sent Marcia over at Art is Basic some watercolor pencils and she wrote a great review, complete with a comparison to other brands. You can check it out HERE.
I'm going to share some pictures of the artwork I made with the products and what I thought of each.

First up, colored pencils!

I made a little colored pencil #drawing on the way home from a family reunion this afternoon using some colored pencils @mapedhelixus sent me to try out.

Thoughts on @mapedhelixus colored pencils: Colors are pretty bright, will allow some mixing but are harder than some brands so better for linear work. LOVE the triangular shape which means they DON'T roll off tables! The box says the cord is break resistant and I totally believe it. The shape and break resistant leads would make them a pretty good affordable option for the elementary/middle level classroom. 

I still prefer Prismacolor for the type of colored pencil work that I and my advanced students like to do, but I will look into the Mapeds the next time I need colored pencils for my younger or intro level classes.

I went back and tried using the colored pencils for a drawing with lots of cross hatching and linear elements. They worked great for this effect!
Second product, Maped Color'Peps Oil Pastels

@mapedhelixus color'peps oil pastels. The colors are bright and blend well. I like the texture of them and love the triangular shape.

Starfish drawn with @mapedhelixus oil pastels.

Oil pastels are not my favorite medium but I've helped a couple of students use oil pastels this week and I DEFINITELY prefer the Maped. The oil pastels we have at school don't like to layer or blend and the Mapeds went on really creamy. The colors are also more vibrant and that is always important to me.

The products are available on Amazon and School Specialty (probably other places, too, but those are my go-to's).

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