Friday, August 4, 2017

Dynamic Cardboard Relief Sculptures

Last October I presented a two day workshop at the Kansas Art Education Association convention titled "Dynamic Cardboard Relief Sculptures".
I went through some tips about working with cardboard and options for working with different grade levels. Then, since we were all art teachers, I pretty much did a quick demo and let everyone work! I worked on my own example and circulated, but they didn't really need any help. It was really fun to have the time to work and complete a project and see what the other art teachers came up with. Take a look!

This tiger was AWESOME!
Some people made one big project over the two days and others made multiple smaller projects.

 This compass project looked great with the two different colors of cardboard.
 I made a portrait of Chip Taylor, the founder of Monarch Watch, since I was thinking about Unsung Heroes at the time. I later spray painted it gold.
 Some participants used spray paint (the two above sprayed from different directions) and some used acrylic. Others left the cardboard as is.

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