Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thin Stix Review

 Kwik Stix sent me a set of their new "Thin Stix" to review, a product they suggested would be perfect to keep on hand for last minute poster projects. I'd have to say that I agree! This product makes poster-making a breeze. 
I've never really enjoyed using markers to make posters. I much prefer the look of a painted poster but sometimes that can be time-consuming when you have to wait on a section to dry so you don't smudge it when moving on to the next area. Kwik Stix are tempera sticks so you get the look of paint with the ease of markers, and they dry in about a minute and a half. The Thin Stix are probably a little more than half the diameter of the regular Kwik Stix so it's easier to get smaller details.
The first poster I made to test the product was for a supply drive that our Student Council hosted to benefit our local Humane Society. I would suggest that you get the feel of the stix before you start on your poster. There are a couple parts where I got in too much of a hurry without practicing first. What can I say, I was excited.
Next, I made a poster that will be used to welcome art teachers to KAEA Summer Camp which I'm really excited to be hosting in my hometown this summer. It's nice and bright and bold and will work great!
 The next time I tested the Thin Stix was to make some posters for my school's Aggie Olympics. What are the Aggie Olympics? I'm glad you asked. We have a very active FFA chapter and during National FFA week, there is a different activity every day. Friday afternoon concludes with the Aggie Olympics where the staff and each high school class competes in different events. This year some of the events included a slingshot contest, milk bottle bowling, horse "apple" toss, and more. The students make posters applauding their class and dogging their competitors and it is SUPER fun. 
I used my Thin Stix to make a couple new posters- Teachers Rule Students Drool (with a Snapchat filter) and Winning the Aggie Olympics Since Before You Were Born! Each poster took no more than 5 minutes to make.
I had students coming in asking for markers at the last minute and I let my TA use the Thin Stix. I didn't get a picture of the posters she made but she liked using the Thin Stix as well and after I let my 6 year old use the rest of the sample for his artwork, she asked if we were going to get some more. It would be too pricey to totally replace all the markers with Kwik Stix but I hope to buy a couple packs to keep on hand for special poster projects.
I will also buy another set for my oldest son who LOVES this product. I kind of love that they clean up so easily. Bottom line: if you can try this product, I have a hunch you'll like it.

You can buy Thin Stix on their website, on Amazon, and from Sax. I haven't looked other places but I'm sure they're around!

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