Thursday, June 30, 2016

PreK Explorations

In my last post I shared one of the few PreK lessons I did where I asked them to make something specific- a self-portrait. Tonight I wanted to show what my PreK students' artwork was like most often.
Since I have PreK-12 in the same classroom and the majority of my courses are high school, I could never really figure out how to set up centers. Instead I usually put out 2-3 different media for the students to choose from. Sometimes it was just one medium at the beginning of class, like paint or clay, and then the students who finished early could either choose to build with blocks or draw with crayons.
Some PreK students like to paint objects that are important to them while many are more interested in just exploring colors and brush strokes creating nonobjective paintings.
Collage was always a fun option for my students. I have tall tables and counters so for something like collage where I have LOTS of materials, I usually put boxes or trays on the floor for the younger students.

Some students would start with one medium and switch to another part way through and there is nothing wrong with that.
Here are some of the national standards for PreK under "create". A play-based choice-based approach works perfectly.
Engage in self-directed play with materials.
VA:Cr1.2.PkEngage in self-directed, creative making.
VA:Cr2.1.PkUse a variety of art-making tools
VA:Cr2.2.PkShare materials with others.
VA:Cr2.3.PkCreate and tell about art that communicates a story about a familiar place or object.VA:Cr3.1.Pk
Share and talk about personal artwork.

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