Sunday, April 12, 2015

Photo Dump

I've been using the Artsonia app on my iPhone to publish student artwork so I haven't had as many photos to publish from my camera. I pulled some photos from Artsonia to put together a quick post. The first photo is of a collage by a Kindergarten student. The student worked harder on this collage than I've seen him work on anything else this year. I used it as an example for other classes since he cut lots of details instead of cutting out drawings or random shapes.
 Here are a couple more projects from littles. The hearts on the left from a Kindegartener have lots of little details. The collage on the right was by a Pre-K student.
For an extension lesson, my student teacher last 9 weeks had students draw a person or event that was meaningful to them. This drawing was a family New Year's Eve party.
This drawing is from a 3rd graders who likes to make comic bookish drawings of monster and animals.
 2nd graders have still been interested in landscapes.
Now the sunflower... I was so proud of this student who persevered and came up with a creative solution. He had yellow and green paper looms cut and lost interest in the projects. I told him he had to find some way to use the papers. After a bit of frustration, he came up and showed me the flower he'd made by folding and curling the cut paper.

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