Saturday, February 28, 2015

Minecraft YAM

Tomorrow is the first day of Youth Art Month!
Thursday I finished a Minecraft inspired YAM bulletin board at my intermediate school. I'm glad my student teacher suggested a Minecraft theme because I was stuck!
I googled Minecraft bulletin boards and came across an image that used the "minds craft" phrase and that got me started. I covered the bottom of the bulletin board with brown butcher paper first. Then I cut different green construction papers into squares and rectangles and stapled them in place. Next, I added different brown squares and rectangles on the bottom. Finally, I added the text. I downloaded a free Minecraft font to print out "our" and "awesome art". I opened up the Minecraft logo in Photoshop, separated the "min" from the "craft" and added "DS" in the middle, trying to match the perspective and the style. I traced that onto white paper using my projector and painted the black and gray parts. I cut black construction paper into 1 inch wide rectangles and squares and used that to spell out "Happy Youth Art Month!" 
This was a good project to keep me out of the classroom for a while since my student teacher is still in charge. I only wish I'd glued the shapes instead of stapling so I could just roll it up and reuse the whole design. I may do that when I take it down.
So far the students have been pretty pumped about the bulletin board. However, I have heard several ask why there's no Creeper....

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  1. My students would LOVE this! What a wonderful job you did. Yep, I bet a creeper (and a couple of those cubistic sheep and pigs are necessary as well--class project!). Thank you for sharing. Mrs. P