Sunday, January 11, 2015

January Update

Boy, it's been a busy year! I want to just share a few updates. I'm excited that my 2nd student teacher will be starting on the 20th. She stopped by school on our work day January 2nd and seems super nice and eager to get started. On the work day, I also hung up artwork from both schools at our district office. There is a long row of file cabinets in front of the administrative offices and the art teachers take turns displaying work there. I made sure that artist statements were displayed with most of them. I always tell the students that when they're not all working on the same project, we have to make sure people can still understand what they were trying and learning.

I recently decided to start a Facebook page for my schools' art department, Pauline Schools Art. My blog was started originally for me to reflect on my experiences as I began teaching and while it still serves that purpose, I also use it to share with other art teachers. I wanted a better way to share with parents and families from school. I use Artsonia newsletters, but wanted a quicker way to share little blurbs, links, and photos. Feel free to "like" the page at

Last fall, I tried Donors Choose for the 1st time and had a project funded for a book display case and some awesome new art books for my primary school classroom. In December, I had two more projects funded. I am SO pumped about these projects. The first December project to be funded is for furniture to improve our collage "center". Since I switched to choice-based art, I've been working hard to make my classrooms function better as studios, getting the supplies out where students can easily access them. We were using an old art cart and portable sink to store collage materials but it was hard for students to see what was there and just not a good use for the space. We've already received a 10 drawer organizer that now holds collage papers organized by color and should receive the storage shelves soon. I will share pictures when it's all set up.

The second December project was for a computer tablet and case that should streamline publishing work on Artsonia. I have been super far behind on publishing artwork since I had kids and started working on my Master's degree. I'm always finishing up publishing artwork at the deadline for the school year in July. With the Artsonia app, the students should be able to photograph their own artwork as they complete projects and even record their own artist statements. I know it will take some time to get the hang of the new system, but I'm looking forward to being able to share art with parents more quickly and having more time at home to do things I need to do there. And share more here!
Tomorrow, I'll  start another graduate course, this time about Multicultural Art Education. After that, I have 4 more courses to go and I should be set to graduate in May 2016. Onward and upward!

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