Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Earning my way to NAEA (2016)

I posted a while back about my goal to raise enough money to cover a trip to Chicago for the 2016 NAEA convention. Here's what I've been working on to earn my way! I started making custom classroom signs over the summer. That lead the way to signs for offices, dorm rooms, kids rooms, etc. My dad cuts the boards for me, my husband drills the holes (I stink at drilling on my mark), and I sand, design, and paint. It's been a lot of fun to do. Sometimes I just get the wording and favorite colors, sometimes I get really specific requests along with a picture of an established classroom theme. I enjoy the work both ways. I've been selling the signs on my Facebook page, Art by Katie Morris, and I recently started up my Etsy shop again, Katie Morris Art. It's pretty cool how Etsy will let you put in options for a custom design. I also have artwork "and other cool stuff" for sale on my Facebook page.
 Sign for one of the music teachers.
 Dorm room signs for some teacher's kids.
 Baby gift.
 Companion sign for one with the teacher's name on it.
 Anyone else thinking ahead to 2016? I'm so excited to work on this goal. I'm especially looking forward to being able to meet some TAB teachers since there are very few in my state, at least that I know of.

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