Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Collection of Collages

I'm still sorting through TONS of photos from last semester even though teachers started back to school today, yes ALREADY! Here's a sample of collages that made me smile for one reason or another. These range from 1st-6th grade, with some made by students with special needs that really impressed me.
Using magazines but at least they changed them into something new!

 This student used awesome scraps from The Planets project a few years ago to make a solar system collage. The stars were circles emptied out of the hole punch.
I think this watch is supposed to be from Ben 10 or something like that. After I photographed the watch, it went around the student's wrist.
This is an example of a young student thinking "it's outside, there has to be a sun"... even if the scene is under water. :) 
I love the use of magazine text as clouds. Most students don't even consider using the writing but it adds a cool texture.
This student painted papers for collage after I talked about Eric Carle but decided to keep her swatches as is instead of cutting them into new shapes. They were rearranged to frame a butterfly drawing.
So while I'm thinking and talking about collage, here's my plan for my collage centers this year. I will not start off having magazines available. If I have students who finish a project without enough time to start something new at the end of class, I may let them flip through magazines and cut only swatches of color or texture, and maybe just eyes, noses, etc. that could make cool faces. I'll probably put the animal magazines away so that later AFTER the students have shown they can construct new images with magazines, I could trust them to use animals without cutting out tons of kittens, for example, and just gluing them randomly on a piece of paper. Hopefully it will help. I know it made a big difference this year when I put the magazines away!


  1. The animal ones are hilarious!

    1. Yeah, for once 5th grade boys were as funny as they thought! ;)