Monday, July 14, 2014

Intermediate Choice

I have SO many photos of artwork to sort through from the end of the school year! With student choice there aren't always obvious themes to sort artwork by for blog posts. So here is a little sample of some intermediate grade choice projects.
 4th grade skateboard design and artist statement.
I can't remember what animal the gray guy is supposed to be. I think it looks like a sea sloth. :)
I wish I had copied down the artist statement that went with the painting above. A picture in one of my art books reminded the student of a guy on TV that balanced a lot of chairs and it inspired this painting. This is by a 5th grade student who usually really rushes through his work. He might have an awesome pencil drawing and then color it all within 5 or 10 minutes. I've been working on getting him to slow down since he was in 3rd grade. With this project he took his time a little more. Other than forgetting that he used watercolors on the first day and switching to tempera on the second, he did a really good job!
This student could make paintings and drawings like this all day long. I like some of her compositional ideas and that she worked in a series. This is a student who would get an idea and just do awesome work. She made my job pretty easy most of the time. I was able to help her develop more of a value range in some drawings and work on drawing hands and other body parts beyond faces .
We've had a couple tough years with 6th graders but looking back through artwork from this year reminds me that I'm going to really miss some of these students! We had a pretty good bunch this year with lots of creativity and not too much attitude. Just the way I like 'em!

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