Sunday, July 6, 2014

EOY 3rd Grade Projects

Here's a sample of some End of the Year (EOY) projects my 3rd graders completed. Most were finishing up one last project so they could start weaving with REAL YARN (as opposed to fake yarn). I'm embracing these full choice projects as I don't know what next year will bring. Depending on information we get at the beginning of the school year and what my PLC develops for common assessments, I may have to do more of a modified choice-based method. No matter what we find out, I'm determined to give my students as many opportunities to make meaningful choices in their artwork as possible.
 Wax resist shark jumping through a flaming hoop and a solar system.

 Mutant bugs, monsters, and dinosaurs in this scene!
 A tempera painted haunted house and an oil pastel tiger landscape
I thought this picture turned out super cool. It was just an oil pastel drawing and didn't quite look finished. We talked about options and the student decided she'd like to watercolor over it. The texture was SO neat in person.


  1. These pieces all seem to support the worth of a choice based art curriculum. I love the surreal quality of the shark piece. Nice work!

    1. Thanks! It's been a learning experience for all of us as I made the decision to switch to "choice" but I think it's so worth it!