Wednesday, July 2, 2014

3rd Grade Collages

When I took away the magazines, the quality of the collage work my students were making went WAY up! I talked about Eric Carle and showed a few techniques for creating interesting papers. The students started making papers and not doing anything with them. I did another demonstration and showed how to make a picture out of the painted papers. I randomly picked a theme for my collage- can you guess what it was?
Yep, ocean. At least there was some variety but it's why I fought against making an example for so long. At least some branched out from the idea I showed and the students who used the same theme made some of their own choices.
So my plan for the coming school year is to start off with no magazines. I may use one suggestion from the Midwest TAB Facebook page and just snip color/pattern swatches from magazines. It would probably save a lot of students aimlessly flipping through magazines or just cutting out complete pictures they like with the intent of it making up the majority of their artwork. I may also snip eyes, noses, mouths, etc. Man, I need to buy some more little baskets to organize all my big plans...
Of course I had to throw a few mixed media pieces in this post. I think one of the positives of choice-based art is that the students aren't restricted to one medium. I've never been much of a purist when it comes to media!
Do your students do better collage work without magazines? How do you handle the issue in your room?


  1. My son will be in third grade next year. This will be a great project for him to do over the summer!

  2. I save every bit of painted paper scraps that we can use for projects! If the kids make a painted paper for a project I will let them choose if they want to take their painted scraps home for a project or put them in our class share box. Some will keep them and many will share. Their art work has a beautiful quality when they use the painted papers ! I had one group of second grade girls that would ask me every week if they could go through the share box for scraps to take home! Of course i said yes! They would make beautiful things for their family! :)

    1. It was amazing how fast the painted paper scrap bin filled up! I was always pulling papers out of the recycling box to add there.