Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chalk Paint Graffiti

Here's a little preview of what my 6th graders will be trying out during their last art class this week: chalk paint graffiti inspired by Banksy! I will hopefully be posting student examples later this week. A couple of years ago the students tried out spraying water through stencils inspired by Reverse Graffiti. It was fun but only lasted a few minutes before the water evaporated. I saw a recipe for sidewalk paint on Pinterest and decided to give it a try! I'm getting pretty laid back in my recipe following these days. I ended up just dumping some corn starch in spray bottles and adding food coloring and water until it looked right to me! Some over eager 4th graders were helping clean palettes last week and dumped out what I had mixed to clean... soooo I had to start over. Thankfully I had only mixed 2 colors so far!
Anyway, I reused some old posters that were heading for the trash bin as the material to create my stencils and tested out the chalk paint. It works! I think the students will be very excited, especially the ones that have been asking to learn about graffiti. Don't worry, we'll be talking about issues with legality and morality.
If you try out the sidewalk paint, just remember that it will get more opaque as it dries.

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