Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Domain Name Advice

I know that several bloggers I follow have purchased their own domain name... if any of you happen to be reading this, could you tell me how you did it? I know there are LOTS of options but I'm looking for feedback on which company is the best for ease of the process and value.
Also, if I do decide to get a custom domain name, what would you suggest I use? Currently the name of my blog is "Adventures of an Art Teacher" but the address is "www.ArtTeacherAdventures.blogspot.com". I used "ArtTeacherAdventures" to make it shorter, but without having to type in the "blogspot" part it would be shotrer and I'm wondering if I should do something different... I would love advice and opinions!


  1. I used go daddy.com and then got hosting through bluehost. I think you might be able to just buy the domain through bluehost. Not sure. It was confusing when I did it and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Are you planning to keep using blogger and just redirect the address? I would keep your address the same as your blog name header. So maybe adventuresofanartteacher.com. although that is kind of long. It's easier for people to remember if it is the same as your blog header. Just my opinion.

  2. Once you pick the domain you want, this should be able to walk you through it: https://support.google.com/blogger/troubleshooter/1233381?rd=1

  3. Katie: disregard all of the current hype and misinformation -- get a good "dot com" domain name -- I recommend as registrar Namecheap (it is also highly recommended by Lifehacker and others) https://www.namecheap.com/ -- You do NOT need a hosting package, just use your custom domain for your blogger blog: https://support.google.com/blogger/troubleshooter/1233381?hl=en and https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/1243/78/how-to-use-my-domain-with-my-blogger-account

  4. Thanks for your information. Here are some important tips to choose a good domain name
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    2) If .com is not available you can go for .net, or .org or .info etc.. .net is suitable for networking sites.
    .org is suitable for organization sites, and .info is suitable for information sites.

    3) Reduce more hyphens in your domain name
    4) Your domain name should be short and easy to remember.

    5) Your domain should suitable for your business or your service.

    6) Try to register your domain name in good provider.

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  5. I use GoDaddy and they make it very easy to use your custom domain with Blogger. I have several blogs on Blogger and have added custom domains to all of them. They have a tool to help you do it and the directions are on GoDaddy to walk you through it. You don't need a hosting package since you're on Blogger, so it's not necessary at all to go through a web host to do this. You just need a good domain registrar, like GoDaddy. :)

    I like GoDaddy because they are easy to use and have good support. And you can almost always find coupons online to buy new domains and/or renew existing ones.

    I think ArtTeacherAdventures would be fine since it is so close to what you have now--without the blogspot on it. :)

  6. For registering domain names, I would prefer Bigrock or Godady, I have register my domain from HostSoch.in , as you said you can register your domain with these companies and can move your blog from blogspot to custom domain. Here are few other domain registration sites

    Here are step by step procedures for moving your blogspot blog to custom domain: https://support.google.com/blogger/troubleshooter/1233381?hl=en