Monday, February 10, 2014


Since I had saved up artwork for a few months before writing about choice art at my primary school, I was able to finds trends when choosing which photos to post. The most obvious conclusion I drew is that RAINBOWS ARE SUPER POPULAR! Kindergarteners, especially, love rainbows. I think it's because they have just really mastered colors and learned how to put them together to make a rainbow. Plus, rainbows just make you happy! Sometimes the rainbow is the first thing on the page, sometimes it's a way to resolve the empty space around the main subject....
Like, in this drawing! The student said he was drawing "Mario" and a rainbow seemed like a good way to finish off the drawing.
If you've never asked your Kinders to title their artwork, you're missing out. Sometimes you'll get a whole story, sometimes the titles are short but poetic, sometimes the titles are just plain funny. I figure a title is the precursor to an artist statement and anytime students are "writing" about their artwork, it's a good thing.
This student worked really hard on going back and filling in all the white spaces that were originally left from coloring too quickly.
I kinda like this scribbly rainbow. It's so energetic!
Just in case you ever wondered if there was a rainbow quote from a famous artist, here's one from Paul Cezanne:
We live in a rainbow of chaos.
 A "rainbow of chaos" is probably a good analogy for Kindergarten art class on a Friday afternoon.

The next few pieces were made by 1st graders. After first grade, rainbows aren't quite as popular as the students have pretty much moved on to more sophisticated symbols in their artwork.
The last rainbow I'll share was kind of unique as the student decided to cut up construction paper into mosaic squares and collage them on top of her wax resist rainbow. I guess she ran out of steam when it was time for red and orange!
And, because I like this movie even though I'm from Kansas...

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