Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Most Creative Year Bulletin Board

Thanks, once again, to Peter H. Reynolds/FableVision for bulletin board inspiration! If you're not signed up for the FableVision newsletter, you should be! The newsletter highlights new products, and occasionally includes a link to free printable posters. The poster offered in December was the perfect idea for a bulletin board to kick off the new year. Since the printable was too small for my board, I stole borrowed the wording and painted my version in the hallway. I usually don't cover my painted bulletin board background but this time I decided it would be faster to paint the words on butcher paper than to cut out the letters. I love the look of brightly colored paint on top of black paper.


  1. Really nice! I wish I had more time for hallway displays...

    1. I'm a nursing/pumping mom, so I spend a lot of plan time and lunch time "chained" to my desk. I've found that if I get my idea sketched out, it doesn't take me too long to actually put it together. :)