Sunday, December 22, 2013

Easy is Boring

I've decided that my bulletin boards fall into the following categories: informative, interactive, and inspiring. Lots of the ideas in the "inspiring" category come from signs or sayings that I see on Pinterest and convert to a bulletin board, like "Easy is Boring. Challenge Yourself."
The message of the bulletin board is really important to me! I made the "challenge yourself" portion out of brightly colored copy paper taped together on the back so that I could hang it in my classroom after the bulletin board came down. This bulletin board came together quickly. The most time-consuming part was covering the back with butcher paper, which is why I almost never do it! (I've painted the bulletin board so I don't have to cover it!) I painted the "easy is boring" text directly onto the paper with black tempera and then stapled the "challenge yourself" portion that I had assembled and painted separately. 
I really thought about just leaving the bulletin board with "easy is boring" for a while and then adding the challenge yourself part. If I had two board in the hallway, I would have made the first one say "easy is boring" and the second, "challenge yourself" like billboards sometimes do!

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