Friday, July 19, 2013

Kinder Symmetry

My Kindergarten students had fun squishing paint around between a folded piece of paper to see how the colors could mix and how it makes a symmetrical design. Since the elementary art SMART goal this year had to do with Kindergarten students learning about primary and color mixing, each student showed me where they wanted a squirt of each primary color before they squished it around. When the paint was dry in the second class period, the students chose from a variety of materials to finish their artwork.
I told them they could turn their symmetrical blob into whatever they wanted and it could even just stay a design. The students especially loved using scrap construction paper to add to their artwork. My kinders are fascinated by forming tubes with paper to attach to their art. I also had a couple students ask to turn their paintings into masks and even a belt, so I helped them figure out how to poke a hole and tie yarn. I didn't get any good pictures of the wearable art, but they were kinda cool!
Students working on their symmetrical pieces and adding text.

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