Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Artsonia Artist of the Week Finalist

Ysamar2's entry in Artsonia's Artist of the Week Contest- clay sculpture depicting parts of a butterfly's life cycle.
I was just notified that one of my 4th grade students, Ysa, is a finalist this week in Artsonia's Artist of the Week contest. Ysa and I would appreciate your support and your vote! You can vote once a day, today through Saturday by clicking this link.

Ysa is a really special student! She didn't speak a word of English when she showed up for school a few years ago. I was nervous about how effective I would be as her art teacher, not having much experience with speaking Spanish but I didn't need to be. She is eager to learn, has an affinity for art, and at first when she maybe couldn't understand my words, she was watchful. She mirrored what the other students were doing but she never copied their artwork! I think that's what I was most impressed by in the beginning- she was able to figure out what she was supposed to do and do it in her own way. She continues to grow and learn and her English is much improved! I admire how hard she works in the art room and in other academic areas at school.

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  1. That's wonderful! Art is so important for all those non-English speakers. They can walk into the art room, watch the demo and see the examples, and have a bright moment of success in what may be an otherwise frustrating and defeated day. Yay Art!