Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013 State Fish Art

Last year was the first year I offered the State Fish Art contest to students in addition to the Jr. Duck Stamp program. It was another successful year! Once again a lot of students found fish easier to draw than waterfowl. Someone suggested that maybe their experiences seeing fish are behind glass in an aquarium so they feel more comfortable translating them to 2D... Beyond the drawings, we also had success in the contest! Four of my students placed in our state taking 2nd and 3rd in both the Mighty Minnow (K-3rd) and 4th-6th grade age groups. Beyond the Mighty Minnow group, students are required to write an essay about their chosen fish species in addition to their artwork submission. (This is why few of my intermediate students actually enter the contest!)

4th-6th grade Winners:
Kansas 4th-6th grade 2nd place (6th grader)
Kansas 4th-6th grade 3rd place (5th grader)- this student drew from the mounted fish I brought to school!
 Here are some of the other 4th-6th grade drawings made by my students.

Mighty Minnow winners:
Kansas K-3rd grade 2nd place (3rd grader)
Kansas K-3rd grade 3rd place (1st grader)
The results were just posted online this week so while I haven't had a chance to congratulate my 5th and 6th grade winners, it was so much fun to go make the announcement to the classes of my 3rd and 1st grade winners. 

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