Thursday, March 14, 2013

YAM Bulletin Board

I'm a big fan of Peter H. Reynolds' books. They have great messages for kids about creativity, taking chances, and solving problems. Each grade at my K-3rd school completed a project inspired by one of the books. Kindergarten and 3rd grade students made dots, 2nd grade students made "Ish" drawings, and 1st grade students made Sky Color paintings using a wet-on-wet watercolor technique. My bulletin board says:
In Art class we learn to...
Take Chances
Make Decisions
Be Confident
Solve Problems
Happy Youth Art Month!
I reused the Ramon from "Ish" I made for last year's YAM bulletin board (Happy-Ish Youth Art Month) and added a Vashti from "the Dot" and a Marisol from "Sky Color" to complete the scene. Having the characters on the bulletin board reminds the students of the stories and it was honestly just a lot of fun for me to imitate Reynolds' fun style of illustration. :)
My YAM art show entry was a dot made by a Kindergartener. His learning statement said: 
 I made all colored in circles. I used markers, crayons, and paint. We all made circles but mine was different because I kept going and adding stamps and coloring it in. It was fun putting paint on it. I'm proud of it.
The background of the bulletin board was painted by a couple of 1st grade classes with "sky color"- no blue paint!

The last step was a sign describing the student projects and how they related to the book characters on the board.


  1. I am honored! I loved seeing all that color - and the kids creating - I can tell that there is great energy in your school. Happy Youth Art Month! Hope you'll be joining me on Int'l Dot Day - !

  2. Wow, look at that preceeding comment!!!!!!!!!!! Dang! Congrats, Katie. Peter Reynolds!

    I posted a link to this post on my bulletin board blog: jan

  3. Love this bulletin board. I have all three of those books, too and use them with my classes. I've never combined them like you did, great idea. Gives me lots of ideas for next year.