Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chinese Acrobats!

A few weeks ago a team of acrobats from China visited one of my schools to perform and teach us a little bit about Chinese culture. That afternoon, some of my Kindergarten and 1st graders made artwork in response. 
I think the lady on the unicycle was my favorite. She started balancing bowls on her foot and would kick them up to catch on her head. She had quite a stack going by the end!
The spinning plates were pretty impressive!
 The first performance was called something like "many faces" and the acrobat would fling her cape up and somehow change her mask in a split second. It was pretty cool. I lost count after about a dozen masks.

This guy bounced balls so fast! He also did tricks with a lasso which some students got to try out. Only one was able to keep it spinning after he helped so that proves it's even harder than it looks!
The first grade drawings are the ones with just pencil and crayon. They drew while waiting for their turn to add to a large painting we used for the YAM bulletin board background. The kindergarten students had more time and used more materials.

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  1. That's neat, Katie! Those drawings and paintings are so full of light and movement! Very good depictions of a lot of fast action.